Hello, my name is Andre van der Zijden, I am a Flamenco guitarist and guitar teacher living in Leiden, the Netherlands.
On this website you find info about me as a performer and teacher.
Also, I transcribe and compose Flamenco music, which I publish on these pages.

Guitar lessons

I offer guitar lessons on all levels and to adults as well as children. I specialize in Flamenco, but I also teach guitar in other styles, pop, jazz, latin, etc.
The only requirement is that you have a nylon string classical or Flamenco guitar and that you play with your fingers.
My approach is flexible and you can learn to play the music you like.


I play Flamenco guitar as a soloist and as a dance-accompanist.
My repertoire comes from the Flamenco tradition and I compose my own material, which I blend to create a contemporary sound.
Eventually, the music is improvised on the spot to suit the audience and atmosphere.